Recruitment Process
The General Recruitment Process

Candidates, Review & Selection of CVs :

On the provision of a Demand Letter / Job Order attested by the Chamber of Commerce as per the specimen provided, the Jobs required would be advertised on our portal on the web site for CV collection and the CVs so collected would be made available for your company for review, interview and selection by the provision of required access once the company agreement is completed.

Advertising in Media :

The foregoing process may not be sufficient to obtain a wider collection of qualified & experienced candidates and therefore in order to further advertise in the popular media such as weekly popular news papers and TV advertising etc, the Recruitment Agents like us should possess a properly authenticated Job Order legally through the Embassy in the relevant area, country which is an easy process as explained clearly on this web portal.

Final Interview & Selection Process :

CV & applications so collected (candidates to add their CVs and upload certifications, documentations etc.) would be transferred to your area of our portal (explained above) which could be accessed, screened, selected for interviews through any suitable methodology such as by phone, skype (, IMO or at our Company premises, board rooms visiting us in Sri Lanka. The selection may be approved or disapproved through the portal for the required actions by us thereon and the process thereon by us could be monitored until the candidate is deployed as shown below.

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