Important to Companies, Establishments etc And Manpower Agencies in the Host Country

For Domestic & Non-Domestic recruitment, Employers in the Host Country are required to approach Embassies & Consular offices for approval / authentication and submit following sample documentation along with supporting documents duly completed, attested by the Chamber Of Commerce or in case there is NO Embassy or a Consular Office, please get attested only by the Chamber of Commerce and forward to us for finalization by SLBFE in Colombo.

For Non-Domestic (Companies & Other businesses) recruitment in the host country:

Supporting Documents :
      • Commercial / Business Registration
      • Owner / Signatory ID Copy
      • Visa Slip / Approval

For Domestic recruitment (Manpower Agencies) in the host countries :

  • Same as above Documentation (Need to verify Embassy)
  • Verify from the Embassy for other important information